About us

We believe in providing the finest , most durable brooms and cleaning tools to keep our environment clean And healthy.

In 1960 ,Shri Krishan Lal Thukral along with his father Lala Faqir Chand Thukral started the Thukral company with a goal to provide the finest , most durable wire wound grass and coco brooms . Its a quality driven organisation and providing with the best quality have been their utmost priority.

Mr Kamal Thukral the son of Krishan Lal Thukral and his grand son, Udit Thukral further joined their family business and has now expanded the company by modernising operations, innovation and by being open to new and flexible ways of working.Over the years they have gained immense expertise in supplying & trading . By delivering effective outcomes They have been able to build trust, networks and partnerships, thus leading their company to be top most in their market.

Their services are courteous , responsive and regulate in a fair, proportionate and transparent manner.

Right in the commercial heart of India , they have their outlet of Grass and Coco broom in Lahori gate, Naya bazaar in old delhi.

Mr Udit Thukral after completing his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration , went further to pursue knowledge in International Business Management from King’s College ,London.With all learnings and experience, seeing all the success over the years , they decided to further expand their business and brand name in the retail and commercial markets with the Thukral tea . Further expanding their distribution and spreading into the national market with the entire thukral line, they continue to focus on quality, national advertising ,service and production innovation,Thus making their brand the best !

Shri Krishan Lal Thukral left Punjab in 1947 during India Pakistan partion for New Delhi in the 1947’s. He Landed in Delhi and started life in the New World by peddling sundries from a pushcart. He sold everything from brooms to cleaning items. The old-fashioned coco broom was always a top seller. Seeing a need and an opportunity, Shri Krishan Lal Thukral opened a Grass & coco broom factory on Lohri Gate, Naya Bazar in Old Delhi, the commercial heart of the Northern grass & coco market.

During the height of the Great Depression, Shri Krishan Lal son Mr. Kamal Thukral Ji joined his father in the broom making business. They added a new generation of ideas and energy. Although times were hard, the son looked to the future and he modernized operations and built a second plant in Kundli, Sonipat – Haryana.

Twenty years later the 3rd generation, Mr. Udit Thukral has come from aboard after complete the study and looking towards the future. Udit Ji focused on expanding distribution in the retail and commercial markets with the Thukral Tea and expanding into the National market with the entire Thukral line. While working on growing distribution, they continue to focus on quality, national advertising, service and product innovation